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Via Chicago (All We Left Unsaid)

by The Lost Dogs

  • Limited edition (1000 copies) DVD/CD set.
    5.1 Surround
    Region Free / NTSC
    Approximate Running Time - 28 minutes

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Recorded/Filmed September 28, 2002 Chicago IL


released March 13, 2012

Michael Roe - Guitar/Vocal
Terry Taylor - Guitar/Vocal
Derri Daugherty - Guitar/Vocal

©2012 Lo-Fidelity Records


all rights reserved


Track Name: Rebecca Go Home
(Words and Music by Terry Taylor)

Rebecca, Go Home
Though you may be scared
Just close your eyes and let go
I'm not far behind you
Soon I'll meet you where the river of life ever flows

Yes, the Lord's been good to us
But now you're lyin' here
And I just found the right words
Can you hear them through my tears?

Rebecca, Go Home
I know you're tired
God knows I wish that you could stay
You've fought the good fight
You've been through the fire
Let every sweet memory light your way

Down to the little church
Our son has gone to pray
And now that we're alone sweetheart
I feel that I can say...
Rebecca, Go Home

Oh, Rebecca, go home
Like when you were a child
Your daddy would call out your name
And you'd run through the dark fields
To the light of his smile
My guess is that heaven is much the same

So don't you worry, I'll be alright
Sweet Rebecca my love
Rebecca Go Home
Oh Rebecca, my love...
Track Name: Dust On The Bible
(words and music by Johnny and Walter Bailes)

Dust on the Bible,
Dust on the Holy Word,
The words of all the prophets
and the sayings of our Lord
Of all the other books you'll find,
there's none salvation holds
Get that dust off the Bible and redeem your poor soul

I went into a home one day to see some friends of mine
Of all the books and magazines, not a Bible could I find
I asked them for the Bible; when they brought it, what a shame
For the dust was covered o'er it, not a fingerprint was plain

(Repeat chorus)

You can read your magazines, read of love and tragic things
And not one verse of Scripture, not one verse do you know
When it is the very truth and its contents good for you
Dust on the Bible will doom your poor soul

(Repeat chorus)

© 1946 (Renewed 1975) Acuff-Rose Music, Inc. (BMI)
Track Name: Three Legged Dog
(Terry Taylor)

He's still got a good bark and his bite ain't soft.
Yeah, he's still got heart and a line you don't cross
He's a cranky old fart who can show you who's boss.
He's got a few miles left, knock on wood
He's a three legged dog but he's still pretty good

He can't see that well,
he's got the mange and a tick and waggin' his tail is his one good trick
His breath is kinda stale when he gives you a lick,
he's got a few miles left,
knock on wood
He's a three legged dog,
but he's still pretty good

Three legged dog
(loves to howl at the midnight train)
Three legged dog
(roll in the mud when we've had a good rain)
Three legged dog
(long as he's movin' and he ain't in pain)
I'm gonna hang on to my three legged dog

I see him when he's sleepin' twitch his three good legs,
I can tell he's dreamin' 'bout his huntin' days
For the time bein' guess he's doin' okay,
He's got a few miles left, knock on wood
He's a three legged dog, and he's still pretty good

Three legged dog
("three legs" is my hound dog's name)
Three legged dog
(when I bought him, that's how he came)
Three legged dog
(as long as he's movin' and he ain't in pain)
I'm gonna hang on to my three legged dog
Track Name: Real Men Cry
(Terry Taylor)

I always thought I was the strong one
who had the faith when you had doubt
I was the one to hide my feelings,
you were the one to let them out
My daddy taught me, "Son,
be tough and strong,"
and that's what I've tried to do
But now you're telling me girl
you can't live like this,
that you might be leavin' soon

Do real men cry?
I never thought it was true,
maybe I could tough this one out
Be strong enough to make it through,
(but now) there's tears in the eyes
of this stubborn fool,
Do real men cry?
Well, baby, now you know,
that real men do.

Assumed you knew that I would love you,
and be your rock through thick and thin
I've always been a man of few words,
when what you needed was a friend
I thought that if I stood tall just like a wall,
it would all be good enough,
Please let me hold you now
and promise you girl,
that I'm through with acting tough.
Track Name: Be My Hiding Place
(Words and Music by Terry Taylor)

Unto Thee I cry, my Savior
Don't be silent long, O' my Lord
Hear the voice of my troubled heart
When I lift my hands to Thee
Be mu hiding place in times of trouble
Compass me about with songs of deliverance

Blessed are You Lord, my Savior
My heart will trust in you, my strength
My soul will rise again, rejoicing
And I will praise Your name, my God
Be my hiding place in times of trouble
Compass me about with songs of Deliverance
Track Name: Golden Dreams
(Terry Taylor)

In the night of desperation,
in the day of lost desire,
in the tears of supplication
in the year of flood and fire.

Golden dreams may die away,
golden dreams they fly away,
and every heart the Lord redeems,
will find again their golden dreams

In the winter of our yearning,
in the season of our falling,
in the shadow of our turning,
in the shame of our lost calling

Beyond the veil of our despairing,
beyond the clouds of our temptations,
beyond the crosses that we're bearing,
beyond the stars and constellations

Golden dreams have flown away,
golden dreams we'll see one day.
Then we'll know what heaven means:
God paved its streets with our golden dreams.

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